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newdawn_ed's Journal

Fight the Good Fight Against Self Distruction
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A support communitiy for people with compulsive over eating disorders
This community is designed as a support group for people with weight issues. Specifically focused on bulimics, binge eating, recovering anorexics, and people who are clinically significantly over weight. New Dawn was created to encourage others that "Tomorrow is Another Day" and take each day at a time. Learn to love yourself, support your health, and achieve your goals.

Share you goals with us, your hopes and fears about your struggles, and your inspirations. What are you doing today to achieve your goal? how have you been good to yourself today? what are your road blocks and how are you going to get around them?

Tell us your story. how did you get here? How are you going to get out?

Inspire us. what new tips have you learned? What worked? What didn't? Are there any new books, recipes, or other modivational items you would like to share?
We encourage learning a healthy lifestyle here. We want you to learn how to eat healthy to archive your goals. We do not support starvation tactics, extended fasting, or quickie diet fads.

Support others in this community. A pat on the back for a job well done or a hand up when folks are low. Be the person to others here that you always wanted in your life.

Please introduce yourself ala:

Name: Misty Diamond
Gender: F
age: 23
Current Weight: 250
Goal Weight: 150
Hight: 5"7

Come on in the water is fine! We are all supportive, caring, and helpful folks here. Wanting to inspire and support you in your new life.