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Hi, I was part of the old comm. I'm an ex-obsessive/compulsive eater, now I'm trying to maintain a healthy weight. This comm seems more orientated towards ED, I hope it's okay that I post here. I've had OC eating issues, so I understand. I weighed 145 in 2005, then weighed 165-170 in 2006. Now I'm 133. I'm so excited. I always got stuck at 135, but today I finally broke through and weighed 133, first time prolly this century. Yay!

Here's my stats:

Age: 31
Weight 133
Goal: 120-125
Height: 5'3"

Here's what I've been eating:
Breakfast: granola bar, made by Kashi, with flaxseed. delicious.
Lunch: lean cuisine or Nutri System meals (I get them at Big Lots).
Snack: Lunchmeat, string cheese, fruit, or crackers. (1 of these, not all).
dinner: another lean cuisine, can of soup, salad with lunch meat added, stir fry with rice.

This seems to be a winning combination for me. I eat this menu throughout the week, then splurge, starting Fri. night. I usually lose 2-3 lbs during the week and gain 1 lbs during the weekend. But I'm trying to exercise at least 2-3 week so I can consume more calories and be healthier.

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